"Ascension - Amy Sheppard"


Metallic Pearl Paper Acrylic Facemount

Special Edition of  1

Brisbane Portrait Prize Category Winner

"Music and Performing Arts Award"

Judged by Chris Saines (Director QAGOMA) judges notes here 


Artist Statement on Portrait

"Look closely at this woman of strength, talent and unique beauty. She’s cold, her skin has goosebumps and yet she is poised in a goddess-like levitation. 

At first you might think she’s similar to the other figures we adore and falsely glorify. Look again...she embodies her influential stance with humility and ease. 


Aside from the unity between my subject and underwater aesthetic, designed to celebrate femininity, I photographed Amy Sheppard from internationally acclaimed band ‘Sheppard’ after being captivated by her commanding use of the digital platform earned through her musical success. 


In a strange society where Followers are currency, I firmly believe that we need to continually reassess how we see “influence". Let’s “follow” and visually absorb those who thrive on individuality, talent and speaking truth. 


Amy leads by example, propelling women towards a new notion of true beauty. I’ve been tortured through seeking perfection, both in how I perceive perfection and what I’ve been told and falsely shown it is. It hasn’t been possible; all I gained was disappointment in myself. 


If we’ve learnt that the hard way, what will the next generation face?  


Although the truth isn’t “perfect”, a world where diversity and acceptance reign will allow us to bask in the freedom of a new kind of perfection. I crave that world; we’re working on it. Maybe we can be at peace when we get there."

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