Evergreen + Firefly 

"Evergreen" 2020


Edition of 5

Metallic Pearl Paper

“Firefly” 2020

90 x 55cm 

Edition of 5 

Metallic Pearl Paper

I am fascinated and drawn under the surface by the different ways in which light interacts with the underwater elements. Glitter, bubbles, dust, plants, hair and skin. The bubbles are illuminated like fireflies, her red hair a beacon in the dark water. Her ease and poise convince me she belongs here. She breathes below the surface and lives in a land that is evergreen. 


The Creation of “Evergreen”


My subject, Brooke Nicole Lee is a Gold Coast based actress and plus size model. I was drawn to her classic beauty, contagious energy and confidence. Her red hair a reminder of reoccurring muse “Ophelia”,  she blended in with the recreation of the lake. A concept I really wanted to explore was creating context above the surface as well as below. Plants were collected from various sources to create the lake underwater. The textured rock, moss and tree branch photographed in Tasmania. 

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 © 2020 Beth Mitchell  Australian Photographic Artist