"Out of the Black, Into the Blue" 

2019 Series

The fluidity is picture perfect, she’s in pain though. You can hear the silence and almost feel the cold of the black. I always imagine how alone and scary it would be to helplessly sink. With no ability to stop yourself fall. What’s particularly notable is her faceless beauty in the image. Her skin shimmers and her form is objectively beautiful. But she is falling. She looks perfect though. I made her look perfect because even if I strive for unattainable perfection, It alone will never save me.


Remember this as you fall,

you will find your way

Endless is not the passage of the cold mind,

Closer is the time,

you can and you will

move out of the black and into the blue

"Out of the black, into the blue”

60 x 100 cm 

Edition of  9 



120 x 90 cm

Edition of 9 

“Equipoise II”

90 x 90 cm

Edition of  9 

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